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General Liability Insurance

Broad Protection You Need.

The number of lawsuits being filed against businesses like yours is both surprising and alarming. And it’s often the customer you’d least expect who sues.

That’s why every business needs the type of coverage that commercial general liability insurance offers. It provides your business with the financial protection that can help keep your assets from becoming vulnerable in the event of a lawsuit.

General Liability Insurance. Your First Line of Defense.

Being sued is probably the last thing on your mind until it happens. Then it’s all you can think about. At best it’s a distraction, at worst it can threaten everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Your business can be sued for almost any reason: Negligence, personal injury, libel, slander, errors, omissions, faulty products, advertising misprints, etc.

It’s why having a solid plan and liability protection, like the coverage offered by general liability insurance is critical. Especially today.

The Broader the Protection the Better

Business general liability insurance has among the broadest protections available. It can cover things like bodily injury, property damage, contractual liability, damages to property you rent or occupy, even a special option that covers your websites and blogs.

Data Breach can be offered as an optional coverage that can help you comply with regulatory requirements, provide guidance on how to prevent and handle a breach, and cover response and liability expenses to quickly restore confidence in your practice or business.

Increasing Your Ability To Avoid Liability

The best way to handle liability is to do everything you can to reduce risk, while running a safer, more productive and ultimately more profitable business.

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