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Commercial Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance Makes Your Business a Priority

Your business deserves high priority protection, and that’s just what we can do for your commercial auto Insurance. It provides coverage for you, your employees and the vehicles you own, lease, rent or borrow – on the road and off. More importantly, it can help prevent an accident from damaging your bottom line.

Whether you’re operating a single vehicle or a fleet, We can offer you ways to help protect your company, manage risks and help control your costs.

Putting the Brakes on Damages

An automotive mishap can expose your business to complex high exposure, putting its assets at risk. Without the right commercial vehicle insurance coverage, you as the business owner may even find yourself personally responsible.

Meanwhile, the loss of cars, vans, trucks or specialty vehicles can hamper your ability to operate your business, threaten hard-won customers and hurt business relationships. Accidents can damage your reputation, and put in question your concern for employee and public safety.

So, don’t let a split-second bout of bad luck put a business that took years to build in jeopardy.

Extra Protection. No Additional Cost.

Commercial auto insurance offers extra protection your business may require, including:

Hired Auto Physical Damage
Hired or borrowed vehicles can be covered for up to $100,000 for physical damage – as long as these vehicles have liability coverage, and your vehicles carry physical damage coverage.

Lease or Loan Gap Coverage
When there’s a gap between the value of the vehicle and the amount owed to the lien holder, this coverage fills that gap.

Electronic Equipment Coverage
Now popular electronic devices like a GPS or DVD player are covered, up to a predetermined limit – as long as these devices are permanently installed.

Efficient Claim Service
If you have an accident, a team of people from will swing into action. They’ll expedite your claim, carefully evaluate complex business exposure, and handle the details.

Programs and Services available to mid-size and large businesses: