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Motor Truck Cargo Liability

Damaged Cargo, Damages More Than Just Cargo

Every trucker knows that things happen on the road you can’t predict. An accident or an equipment failure can bring your trip to a sudden halt and damage your cargo.

The success of your business rides on every shipment. How quickly you’re able to make good on lost, stolen or damaged goods can make the difference between losing customers or keeping them. That’s where Motor Truck Cargo Liability Insurance comes in.

Motor Truck Cargo Liability coverage offers common carriers, contract carriers, private carriers, specialized carriers and independent truckers broad protection, without exclusions for things like, wetness, stolen and missing cargo, or shortages found while taking inventory.

Options for the Open Road

Motor Truck Cargo Liability Insurance gives you the ability to upgrade your coverage with optional protections:

· If you carry perishable goods or temperature sensitive items, you can cover those goods in the event your truck’s refrigeration or heating unit breaks down.

· Optional Contingent Coverage offers protection for goods carried by a subcontractor so you can add business without having to add new vehicles.

· Sometimes an accident damages the truck or terminal, but not the goods inside. Optional Cargo Recovery Extra Expense Insurance can help pay to salvage those undamaged goods.

· Shippers control of undamaged goods coverage extends your liability coverage to protect goods that lose value even if they were undamaged in an accident.